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Blueberries have more fun

November 21st, 2009 Posted in General

A whole new meAs you may have guessed from my last post, I’d been feeling the burnout fatigue for a while. And while we did eventually get Anub down in hardmode, it was a long time coming. It annoys me that even (or maybe especially) in 10-man, raid makeup makes such a huge difference to the end result.

I haven’t been writing recently for a number of reasons, prime of which is having nothing to write about. There’s only so much you can say about a raid encounter that kicks your arse week after week. So I’ve been on hiatus from blogging, and from doing anything other than raiding in WoW. The other thing that’s keeping me busy(and I really should be working on now!) is NaNoWriMo. When you’re channeling all your energy into writing fiction around an ever-more demanding  job, something’s got to give, and recently it’s been this blog.

I’m still here, though, and some things have changed, while others stay the same. I’m still tanking, still cursing the overly hardcore, but I’m generally chilled out more. The other thing that’s changed is my race. That’s right, the gnome is gno more (groan) - I switched to the draenai race. There’s a couple of reasons, but mostly I was bored of looking like a gnome, bored of the line-of-sight issues that gnomes suffer from on sloping terrain, and just generally being short.

Historically The Hidden Circle’s tank groups have also lacked heroic presence in 25-man raids too, lacking a draenai tank as well as group arrangement not generally being kind to us on that front. So I picked my new race knowing that all of our tanks would get a potential threat boost from the change. Ironically, we also took on a new draenei Death Knight tank in the same week, so now we have two shots at the buff depending on who is around on a given night. The other consideration is that I liked the look of the Draenei most out of all the other options. I would always hope for the spacegoat race to come up when I experienced a transporter malfunction, as the animations always looked the best, and given I have to stare at these pixels every time I play I may as well make them pixels I want to look at.

So, a whole new me. And I’m happy about the change, even if the changes were mostly for cosmetic reasons.

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  2. By Cornfedhick on Nov 25, 2009

    I rolled Draenai for my warrior tank so I could get the benefits of the 1% chance to hit and the racial heal. I don’t think any other class has better tank stats other than maybe dwarf. The heal isn’t much bit it definitely gives a little buffer when things get tight. Even at 80 I’ve popped it along with Enraged Regeneration as a mini cooldown.

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