An Ex-Gnome Tank's World


So, who am I, and what am I doing down here?

Well, outside the World of Warcraft, I’m a system administrator in his late twenties who keeps those nasty web content filters that everyone hates running and in tip-top shape.

The View from Down Here has evolved a little from its original aims, which was to chronicle the escapades of a tiny guild of friends that ran Karazhan. We cleared Kara and attempted to move on into Gruul, but the feeling of everyone knowing each other had been diluted and was lost, and we gradually drifted apart. We ran our last Zul’Aman run as Dead Code Elimination in February, after teetering on the edge for about four months.

As you might guess from the early entries. I started out life as a rogue. I levelled a warrior as a way to get two Kara groups running at once, and I haven’t looked back. Even dpsing as a prot warrior I’ve found nicer than the rogue, probably because initially Namthe wasn’t quite so fragile, and now the gear difference is probably huge too. I love tanking on my warrior, and I’m slowly levelling a paladin so I can have a go with that too. I should mention that I hate druid tanking, mostly because feral druids feel like a poor man’s version of the two classes I’ve already got to 70. Feral tanks deserve huge respect in my opinion – with so few buttons to press, I think I’d go insane. No doubt I’ll roll a Death Knight too when they come into play.

Anyway, Dead Code Elimination died, and I found myself in need of a guild. The Hidden Circle delivered in buckets. Of course there are far fewer members that I know outside the same, but so it goes. On my first night with the guild in February I ended up tanking Telonicus in the Kael’Thas fight, and I haven’t looked back since. In the intervening months, I’ve successfully tanked bosses in every 25-man instance up to and including Archimonde and Illidan, and there’s plenty of hope for the remaining bosses.

The future’s so bright I gotta wear []