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In General, tanking Vezax is a pain

May 31st, 2009 Posted in Bosses, Wrath of the Lich King

Our first attempts at General Vezax were less than stellar. It’s all too easy to stay in the saronite clouds too long and commit suicide, or misjudge an interrupt or your distance when kiting him.

However, our strategy was eventually formed, and it’s a little different than what I’ve seen elsewhere. Rather than kite the boss, we aimed to keep him in one place all the time.  This helped immensely with spacing as well, giving us one less thing to worry about. Of course, the problem is that there are new things to worry about. However, by treating the fight like the three drakes fight, and arranging cooldowns accordingly, we were able to arrive at a strategy that worked reasonably well.

We used the following:

  • A Warrior tank with Improved Disciplines, Glyph of Shield Wall and Glyph of Last Stand
  • A Holy Priest
  • A Discipline priest

The cooldown on Vezax’s tank-splatting move, Surge of Darkness is sixty seconds. Armed with that knowledge, we were able to use the following spell rotation so that the boss didn’t have to move:

  • 1st cast: Shield Wall
  • 2nd cast: Pain Suppression, Last Stand and dodge trinkets
  • 3rd cast: Shield Wall
  • 4th cast: Guardian Spirit, Last Stand and dodge trinkets
  • 5th cast: Shield Wall
  • … and so on

A different strategy to what’s recommended, I know, and one that’s slightly more healing intensive, but it works for us. And once our DPS have learned to not suicide in the saronite clouds (best attempt was 6%), then I’m pretty sure we’ll see him dead.

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  2. By Aurik on May 31, 2009

    Oddly enough, we’ve decided to do the same thing, but with paladin cooldowns and the same tank-saving rotation as we use on on Mimiron p1 :) We only got a few tries in before last reset but it seemed like it would be easier for the healers to have predictable but larger incoming damage than sudden tank death or the like.


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