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A Professional Professional?

May 27th, 2009 Posted in General, Healing

For the first time in approximately forever, I find myself missing a raid because I had to stay in the office late. And while I’m disappointed with that (especially as my girlfriend is sitting close by healing on that self-same raid), I’m also fine with it. Anyway, that’s not what I’m writing about. Missing the raid has given me time to think about putting keyboard to blog.

Since patch 3.1 landed, I’ve had very little time to play with my Druid, preferring instead to devote my online time to keeping my gold supply high. Now, though, through minimal dailies, it’s hovering around the 2.5k mark. It could be much higher, but why farm when I don’t have to? What’s there is a more than adequate supply for a few weeks’ raids, especially now I don’t need to flask up for so much content – it’s back to the old favourite elixirs.

So recently I’ve found the time to play Druziraa again and, while some things never change – I’ve still not sorted a click-casting addon – some things do.

My first taste of failure came, as it no doubt did for so many others, in the Halls of Lightning. And with retrospect, the fact that I was expecting to fail doesn’t really come close to covering it. Our tank, a level 77 paladin, would be fine, right up until he got hit by a crushing blow. Then he’d be dead, as I failed to keep up. Two undergeared players in a dungeon slightly too high for them falls on the wrong side of fail. Of course, once we moved to Halls of Stone, I could more than cope.

But my real question is this – I had been vaguely pondering taking Inscription and Herbalism on Druziraa, in the hope of avoiding the Sons of Hodir grind. But are there better options? I’m already familiar with the benefits of Alchemy, and they don’t strike me as being that great. Engineering, great as it was in TBC (the good ol’ Tankatronic Goggles lasted me from Karazhan to Sunwell) really doesn’t have enough going for it these days. Jewelcrafting is about to get horrendously nerfed. The only things I don’t know much about are Tailoring and Leatherworking, but half of me wonders if they’ll be as equally disappointing as all the other professions. I don’t want to make money from them, I just want something that will help me. Trouble is, I don’t have the time to research it during lunch breaks these days and it’ll either be a stab in the dark (bad) or end up not picking anything at all (worse).

I wonder, where does Dru go from here?

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  2. By Kadomi on May 28, 2009

    The shoulder inscriptions you get from Inscription are very strong and a lot better than the Exalted one from SoH. We’re talking about a difference of almost 40 spell power here.

    The fur linings of leatherworkers are nice, but not as good as the shoulder inscriptions, IMHO. It’s about 30 more SP than the best SP enchant. All the good LW gear is BoE, so you can buy them.

    Supposedly you can also do mad profit with Inscription, but I haven’t really figured out the glyph market on my server yet.

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