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Morons and Slackers Unite

March 12th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

The Greedy Goblin has discussed, in detail, his stance on Morons and Slackers, and while I think he might have a point that if he wants to get the furthest, he has to cut out what he calls the Morons and Slackers from the equation. Unfortunately I think he’s not quite thought this one through as much as some of his quite excellent posts on making cash.

For the record, I don’t think I’m either a Moron or a Slacker. I turn up having read the tactics, with appropriate levels of consumables, I pull my weight, I go away again. Pretty terse, but that’s the way a raid goes if you miss out all the interesting bits.

But… and this goes back to my new-found respect for pugging a few weeks ago – there are Morons and Slackers everywhere. I don’t think that the top level guilds have a lower proprtion of morons or slackers than any other guild. The difference is just in perception. To top level guilds, a slacker is someone who won’t flask up a third time for the last 30 minutes of a raid. In a more laid-back guild that isn’t so much of an issue

Morons and Slackers are everywhere – because we’re all morons and we’re all slackers by someone else’s definition. It isn’t helpful to label any of us.

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  2. By Aurik on Mar 12, 2009

    I unsubscribed from GG – he changes his stance every 5 minutes and every second post about ‘M&S’ contradicts the one before it. I wish he’d stop doing those pieces on social interaction based on outdated theory and get back to writing some of his decent economy based pieces.

    Like you say – it’s not totally definable – what one person sees as reasonable, another does not and creating a sub-group which defines any group as greater or lesser only ever ends up in some form of drama or whining.

    /grouchy d0rf

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