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Is this what the End of the World looks like?

March 31st, 2009 Posted in General, Wrath of the Lich King

It’s quiet. Too quiet. I’ve been far too busy to play much outside of raids recently, but what I have seen saddens me.

We’re done with PvE content. There’s nothing left to do, and boredom is creeping in, so while I’d never say Dalaran felt empty (at least not since I first visited there at level 70), I would say it’s very much less busy.

The reason? A drought in what to do next. We’ve done the hardest encounter in the game at present, and other than farming Naxx for those last few bits of gear that we all need, and that’s true for pretty much anyone. Either Naxx was pitched too easy, or Ulduar should have been out a month ago. Maybe both. And there’s the rub.

There isn’t anything to do outside raids at the moment (roll on the Argent Tournament), and while I still enjoy raiding I can see why other people might be growing tired of the lack of other things to do. And given the raids are stale, well, I can see why a number of people might choose to take a break from the game.

I’ve seen this before; back in the day I was an Earth and Beyond player (Zira of Orion, in the unlikely event that means anything to anyone). After EA bought Westwood and consolidated the businesses, the game saw fewer and fewer content patches until it eventually fizzled out. As the difficulty of WoW has gradually reduced, so increases the perceived distance between patches.

My big hope for Ulduar is that we won’t have it on farm, in its entirety, by the time patch 3.2┬ácomes out. Because if it doesn’t, this looks a lot like the end of the world.

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  2. By Ticktac on Apr 1, 2009

    I am always amazed at how fast people can data-mine the PTR and come up with builds, gearing etc… before the expansion or patch even comes out. I recall reading a post on wowinsider asking the question has the content been made to easy or are we as a player base just that good. The post goes on to mention the little things most of us do without thinking (things on the ground are bad move out of them). But, as you mentioned is this end, do you really see someone wanting to level a character from 0-100 or beyond. Everything must come to end I guess, even the world of warcraft.

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