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That’s right, I’m doing this deliberately.

February 4th, 2009 Posted in General, Rants

Inspired by a tale of a healer friend of mine who got an earful every time someone died in a pug she was in, I think it’s time to set a few things straight.

The healer and the tank are, in some respects, the most important of the roles in any group, be it five-man or twenty-five. The healer in particular is essential for any content you don’t significantly outgear and level, for the simple reason that without him, nobody would survive five minutes. Similarly, the tank is necessary because only he has the gear which allows him to be repeatedly hit hard and not die.

Note that I am talking about the roles here. Your tank might be a moonkin. Your healer might be an elemental shaman. Neither of these things matters, so long as they can perform the job given to them – tanking, healing, whatever. Without someone performing these support roles, and it doesn’t have to be one of the “traditional” classes, nobody can survive for very long.

And, just as much, without the DPS, no healer or tank would get very far – there would be no mana left to keep the tank up long before there was any chance of the boss or trash pack dying.

The key here is synergy. The tank keeps the attention of the boss, and is healed by the healer, so that the rest of the group can safely lay in with their own attacks.

And occasionally that synergy breaks down. One of the DPS will pull aggro and the healer and the tank will both not be fast enough to land a heal, taunt or intervene. That’s fine. Take it as a lesson in aggro management. But…

Pull aggro several times in an instance all the while doing the same thing and there is most likely one of three things wrong:

  • The tank isn’t very good
  • The healer isn’t very good
  • The DPS player sucks at aggro management

If nobody else is dying, it’s unlikely to be the first option, or the second.

If you pull aggro off me, I’ll save you. Even if you do it a few times. But pull aggro off me consistently and I’ll stop trying to save you. Quite likely (if the healers I know are anything to go by) you’ll stop getting heals too. It’s our way of telling you “l2p” as so many (usually poor) players spout at the first available opportunity.

So, yes, I’m letting you die. Think of it like the birds that push their young out of the nest – you’ll either learn to fly, or die trying. You’ll end up a better player for it. And if you don’t, if you end up cursing the entire group but yourself, because you’re unwilling to change, then I’ve pretty much guaranteed that I’ll never have to group with you again.

Don’t thank me, or my healer friends, we’re just doing our jobs.

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  2. By Tankette on Feb 6, 2009

    I don’t mind if my dps’ers go all out and pull aggro as long as they don’t mind if they die. I’ll try to taunt and intervene. And I want them to do as much dps as they can. Sometimes they push it too far. Sometimes when they do I can save them and then sometimes I can’t. Since I’m always with guildies I’m usually laughing at them when they die and they are joking that I’m a gimp tank even though I may have just have been MT on heroic KT 15 minutes before.

    In raids, I am seeing more and more mages pull aggro because they are gettting crazy crit and instant pyros. I tell them that’s why we bring so many mages because their life expectancy isn’t so good. I keep stacking more and more expertise and hit but they keep getting more and more crit. Threat wasn’t an issue when they were doing 2K dps but now that some are pushing double that it is a lot more of a challenge – and more fun.

  3. By miss elf on Feb 13, 2009

    I agree with this post mostly.

    It also depends on the person doing the wrong thing. When I play my Mage, I do at times pull aggro and die. When this happens, I quickly tell people that “Sorry, that was my fault, I wasn’t watching closely enough – thanks for the res” etc. I am *NEVER* going to bitch and moan about the tank or healer sucking when I’ve gone and pulled aggro and not hit iceblock, or some such. I’m fully aware that it is my job to watch my aggro, and the healer is not to blame.

    That said, the attitudes of some people really amazes me. It has improved a lot since Wrath (thanks, healer shortage) but in BC it was horrible. I would finish runs very upset because of bad players doing the wrong thing repeatedly and at points I just couldn’t save them. The torrent of abuse that usually followed was remarkable.

    Fast forward to today and I simply won’t put up with it anymore. If you do something stupid and get yourself killed repeatedly, I’m not going to take your abuse.
    On the same note, if you die because I was slow to react, had lag, simply got unlucky, or made a poor choice – I will apologise and res you ASAP.
    Mistakes happen for everyone, it’s the aftermath I can’t stand.

    - miss elf

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