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December 7th, 2008 Posted in Bosses, Wrath of the Lich King

I’ve been having a lot of fun running heroics recently. Everything has seemed to be achievable, and even if we haven’t downed a boss the first time, the subsequent times hve always been an improvement.

Until yesterday, when I ran Halls of Lightning on heroic difficulty for the first time. Loken appears to be a fight that’s tuned so finely it might as well be a musical instrument. There’s far too much in the way of things going on in comparison to the rest of the heroics. Not all heroic bosses have been comfortable, but they have been achievable, until this one. I don’t understand why it’s so much harder than anything else – but it appears to be. Everyone needs to move on the split second in order to succeed at not getting killed on the lightning nova, and having an AoE healer, like a shaman seems to be a must.

It’s a shame – I really like the design of Halls of Lightning. The fact that the hardest 5-boss in the game is five times harder than any boss I’ve yet seen is very disheartening though.

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  2. By Daagaak on Dec 8, 2008

    I was about to say something like “I didn’t find it that hard”, then I read the last line of your second paragraph.

  3. By Soledad on Dec 8, 2008

    Honestly, this boss is not that hard. He is probably harder than most other heroic bosses but with a good AOE healer and strong DPS, it is doable. The tank does not matter so much with him.
    A nice strategy is not to move at all and down him as fast as possible before the healer runs oom (plus you get an achievement for downing it under 2 minutes ^ ^). This way, DPS are not interrupted every few seconds by the need of running away.

    We tried 5 times before we got him down, running in and out to avoid his AOE but it did not work very well. On the last attempt, we did not move at all and I (CoH priest) just spammed group heals: Circle of Healing, Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending and dropped a lightwell near the place we fought him.
    Hunter had Nature Resistance on and everyone tried to max their HPs to survive throughout the fight. Our group was not greatly geared either: mostly blues and a few purple here and there.

  4. By Namthe on Dec 8, 2008

    “having an AoE healer, like a shaman seems to be a must”

    Interesting that the two people who say it’s easy are a CoH priest and a resto shaman – the two best AoE healers. The run that inspired this post had a paladin (Granted, beacon, but it’s no chain heal) and no hunter.

    Thanks for making my point for me :)

  5. By Daagaak on Dec 8, 2008

    The one and only time I’ve done Loken on heroic (so far) I had no idea that nature res helped. I’m guessing this fight really only hurts paladin healers, being the only class without a strong AoE heal. Though I guess disc priests could learn to hate it too.

  6. By Soledad on Dec 8, 2008

    Did not say the fight is easy… :)
    Just that it is not impossible as we managed to down him on the 5th attempt of the first time we tried him on heroic.

  7. By Herc on Dec 8, 2008

    You can run out twice and still get the Kill under 2 minutes achievement. So no need to rush. I stay max melee range and just run out asap. Groups have been quick to get close to each other after that(we didn’t stack up, there is no need).

    My last 2 runs on HoL we had a pally healer. Looked pretty solid to me. Weve gotten the 2H axe lately, which was the reason were running it.

  8. By Tankette on Dec 9, 2008

    I haven’t tried this heroic yet but I saw a blue post that Blizz was ok with this being the hardest boss fight in heroics. It took my group 4 tries just to get him down on regular mode.

  9. By Sarah on Dec 16, 2008

    Most Dangerous Creatures :

    it goes like this :

    1st Loken 147,669
    2nd Sapphiron 103,586
    3rd Keristrasza 84,352

    Which doesn’t surprise me. :)

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