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Hang on, this all looks very familiar

November 3rd, 2008 Posted in Bosses, Burning Crusade

As I predicted, Sunwell is still providing us with some challenge to take us into Lich King. Kalecgos was an interesting fight, I’ll grant, and Brutallus can still hit quite hard, but one you sort positioning out on that fight he’s really not very difficult.

On, then, to Felmyst, an undead dragon created by some bizarre accident involvng a Pit Lord’s blood and the proximity of the sunwell. She has a groud phase, where people have to move out of an AoE effect, and an air phase where she breathes down on the raid and causes a load of skeletons to appear, at which point they’re AoEd down. Yes, it’s Nightbane with a twist, which is that of her breath, both on the ground and in the air.

Had a few odd wipes where the wrong location for the breaths was called out, and one particularly frustrating one where she entered the air phase with one health and we wiped to the breaths but she went down too.

Twins next! Just so long as they’re not just a rehash of the Twin Emperors, we’ll be fine…

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  2. By Yakra on Nov 4, 2008

    Grats on Felmyst! Those breaths are not forgiving.

    For twins – I recommend the “Reverse” strat, where you kill Sarcolash first. Really, the only thing that will give your raid problems are the “ledge boss” (people overjumping the ledge and pulling, even though you shouldn’t be jumping to get on it…) – and people getting out of the raid with Conflag. Once those are down, its profit!

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