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Mother Shazznabit

October 10th, 2008 Posted in Bosses, Burning Crusade

Mother Shahraz down. Twice in three days – we got her down on Tuesday, and then again after the reset on Wednesday.

I have to say, though, I’m disappointed with the encounter. The Black Temple is starting to look more and more like one of the seedier backstreets in Silvermoon city, and the boss herself is so straightforward as to be ridiculous. It’s disappointing that a tier 6 boss should be almost one-shottable for a raid that’s never seen her before. The Shadow resist aspect of the fight means the only really interesting thing to happen is Fatal Attraction, and as a tank that can’t happen to me. No, for me the fight isn’t one that really feels like it belongs in a top-end raid instance, and feels more like a Karazhan encounter raised to 25 people. Ho-hum.

At least next, the Illidari Council, will be a challenge. It’s been described to me as High King Maulgar on Steroids, five times as hard again. Should be a great fight to learn.

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  2. By Yakra on Oct 10, 2008

    Shaz is a ho-hum fight for tanks, since there really isn\’t alot to do. I like to think of the fight as bonus loot for those able to clear Teron, BB, and RoS in a single reset, and collect/craft all the SR gear needed.

    But dispel that Ho-Hum! Illidari Council makes up for it, with the massive amounts of things going on, and things to not stand in. If your the Gaithos tank, its a special treat – waltzing around and reflecting 6k JoC\’s.

    And its a far superior fight then Maulgar, both in design and feel. A single resist for the mage tank doesn\’t threaten a wipe, and there is no mad scramble at the end.

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