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What kind of day will it be?

September 16th, 2008 Posted in Theorycrafting, Wrath of the Lich King

So, now I’m on the PTR, how is my gear holding up? Well, to start with, let’s take a look at how my current tanking gear holds up:

2.4.3 "Trash" tanking set


This is my “trash” set – it’s the one I wear most often for tanking trash mobs, and is the basis for most other sets, – I swap in different pieces according to the boss. At 519 defense, it’s not too shabby, and decent enough values for avoidance. I don’t gear for block at all – it’s a useless stat as the game (in live!) stands currently.

Let’s look at how the same set of my gear changes once the PTR arrives (incidentally, I’m still making my mind up about the bleach job):

As at patch 3.0.2

As at patch 3.0.2

I’ve lost nearly 2% avoidance and I’m crittable! Lots more strength, sure, but avoidance is way down, so those hits I do manage to block are going to be less. Unfortunately there’ll be lots more of them. At least crushing blows won’t happen ever again, so the damage I take will be more constant.

How do I plan to fix this? Swap my [item]Praetorian’s legguards[/item] for [item]Sunguard Legplates[/item]. That will help, even though the defense on the latter is being reduced (See MMO-Champion). After that I’ll just have to fiddle till I hit that magical 490. 

I had planned on discussing more, but my PTR time today was limited to 5 minutes as it’s horribly overloaded and I can’t get in again after a crash. So, more discussion coming later.

  1. 4 Responses to “What kind of day will it be?”

  2. By Phil on Sep 16, 2008

    You’re still a gnome though! No haircut’s going to save you! :)

  3. By Dezdemone on Sep 20, 2008

    I will be interested to hear what you find out and whether you’re able to get to defense cap or not.

    The thing that concerns me most about the re-itemization is that not only is it harder to hit 490 defense, but that other warriors are now reporting having been critted at 490.

    Though I am not sure as to the validity of the reports since I haven’t had time to copy over and test it myself.

  4. By Dezdemone on Sep 20, 2008

    **(added to edit: they’re being crit while at 490 defense at level 70 by 72 and 73 level mobs)

  5. By Namthe on Sep 20, 2008

    I can only assume they were at 490 pre-patch and haven’t actually checked their defense post-patch, just assumed it’s right, as I haven’t had any issues like that at all.

    Suddenly, also, soloing mobs in my tanking gear takes no time at all. It’s ace.

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