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What kind of day has it been?

September 14th, 2008 Posted in Burning Crusade

As I write this, I’m dowloading the last PTR patch that will ever be released for The Burning Crusade. In a few weeks, everything will start over again and I’ll make a whole new set of assumptions about the future of my characters.

So, going into the Burning Crusade, what were my assumptions?

  • Ziraxx would continue to be my main
  • If I was lucky, I’d get to see Karazhan once a week or so
  • I might play around and level a Shaman 

How many of them were right? Well, Ziraxx was my main for another four months or so. At that point, with a bit of a shortage of tanks around, one of my guildmates (and good friends) said “Z, you’re good at playing this game. Why don’t you level a tank?”. The rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays I can’t imagine playing my rogue again – nowadays the only reason he’s ever touched is to open the odd lockbox. It must be six months since I even ventured out of Shattrath on him.

As for Karazhan, I saw plenty of it, enough that it takes a lot to make we want to set foot in the place now. As for the 25-man raids, what I hoped would be an occasional thing is now all I do in-game, pretty much. I’m looking forward to the new quests and new content immeasurably. And, bizarrely enough, I’m now starting to feel the same way about Mount Hyjal as Karazhan – I’ll go there but I’d rather see any other 25-man (apart from maybe Gruul’s and Mag’s) instead.

My shaman? Well, I got as far as rolling one. Xenophilia (for that is her name) never made it past level 14 though – in fact, having tried almost every class (except priests and mages), she’s the character I’d say I’ve least enjoyed playing thus far.

What of the future? It remains to be seen. Hopefully once I have the PTR client installed, I’ll be able to make some sense of what’s coming up for me. And I’ll make some new predictions and assumptions, which will, of course, turn out to be utterly wrong.

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  2. By Sarah on Sep 15, 2008

    Shamans get amazing at level 30, especially enhancement with windfury (and the dual wield at 40). You easily outdps everyone for a bit :) A lot of people have trouble getting them to that point, but then it\’s pretty great until outland, where the damage levels out with everyone elses and then lags a bit until you get gear.

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