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Turning a corner

September 11th, 2008 Posted in General

I haven’t written much recently because there’s not been much to say. Pre-WoTLK blues seems to be digging in across the server, with fewer people registering for raids and lots of late deregging. It’s plaguing other guilds too – I’ve had a couple of not-so-subtle approaches from more progressed guilds asking me to come tank for them (I’m not going to).

Yesterday that all changed. After a spot of drama on the guild forums resulting from one person dropping out of a raid at the last minute so they could go on a non-guild raid, there seems to have been something of a collective realisation of what we’re all here for. For a change everything clicked, despite the trash wipe and silly wipe on Supremus. We remebered we’re there to have a good time, and we did.

No idea how long it will continue, but a while yet I hope.

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