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The Great Addon Hunt

September 15th, 2008 Posted in General, Wrath of the Lich King

With 3.0.2 not so far away at all, it’s time to start looking at how my UI will cope with being brought kicking and screaming into Northrend.

Namthe hasn’t made it as far as the PTR yet, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. To play with a Level 1 character gets me a bit of time to fiddle with addons without having the millions of settings my main’s weighed down with.

So far, only two of my biggest addons, Prat and Bongos3, turn out to be huge problems. It turns out that Bongos3 is dead. However, fortunately, the replacement from the same author looks at first glance to be suitable for what I want. I’m not sure I could stomach moving back to something like Bartender. There’s still lots of pain involved in migrating my settings, though. Hopefully I can get dominos to play properly on live so I don’t have to put up with other PTR problems while I fix my keybindings. Again.

Prat is even less of a problem. Prat-3.0 is present in the WowAcerepository, so I can snag it from there with no problems at all.

Another issue is that the tooltips for my FuBar addons seem to have broken themselves, and none of them show the right information. That will take more fixing, I think.

Lastly, Talented doesn’t work – but then I’d be amazed if it did. I imagine there’ll be a fix version soon – but if there isn’t I’ll cope.

Conclusion, then: Most of my addons are currently horribly broken. Hurrah! Hopefully in the next few weeks I can fix my UI up so it still works come 3.0.2. Next time I’ll look at how my character and equipment has held up under all the changes.

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