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…but Naaru don’t have arms!

September 26th, 2008 Posted in Burning Crusade, Dungeons

Yesterday I was finally awarded something different. For the past few months, I’ve been wandering around Outland and Azeroth as Namthe of the More Money Than Sense.


Now, at long last, I’m instead Namthe of the Too Much Time On His Hands. Now I’m actually attuned to Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, there’s a feeling of entitlement to be there that wasn’t there before.

Of the Kael and Vashj fights, I have to say I vastly prefer the Vashj fight. There’s a hectic energy to it, far more than there is in Kael’s long, scripted (and frequently extremely dull) encounter. The random but not too random element to it seems far better than the clinicalness of the “Do this, then do this, then do this” of prince Kael’Thas. And you’re not screaming for a fast forward button after the second try at the boss.

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