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We can be heroes…

May 9th, 2007 Posted in Burning Crusade, Dungeons

The Slave Pens. How that instance caused us problems as we initially levelled up. The GIANT ENEMY CRAB – first real challenge of the expansion with his evil bleed effects back when we were in the low 60s – lived up to his reputation, but he was downed in one. Watching our healer’s mana race the boss’s health was an… interesting experience. But down he went and we claimed our second boss of the evening (The first turned out to be far too easy. Kill the totem, kill the boss. Go to 1).

In fact, Heroic Slave Pens wasn’t nearly as horrific as I was expecting, after having attempted (and not finished) Heroic Mechanar. The main things that caused us problems were tactics rather than gear. Once we’d worked out each enemy’s new abilities, killing them was straightforward (crowd control everything you can, kite everything you can’t).

Just leaving the end boss. Ah, now that was interesting. Still more work to do on him -we wiped a couple of times, and I died in the final successful attempt, but go down he did. And dropped what can only be described as a metric fuckload of loot.

Heroic Instances: Injecting more use into dungeons which most players will have powered past far too quickly? Possibly. Lots of fun anyway? Hell, yes.

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