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Phat l00tz!

March 31st, 2007 Posted in Dungeons

I’ve seen it argued time and again that only loot that might be useful to a group should drop from bosses in dungeons. I might even have held that belief myself at one time or another. And I’ve come to despise this argument. Yes, it might be forever before a certain drop appears, but so what?

Personally I’d like to pick up Leggings of Assassination for my rogue. I expect to do many many runs the the Shadow Labyrinth to do so, though. That’s the way it should be. By going back countless times to the same instances with different people my own game improves. Knowing what to expect from each class and then each specialisation helps, and knowing individual players’ strengths and weaknesses helps even more.

If the gear I want is highly likely to drop every time, why bother to learn how to play with all these people? I can get all the gear, go straight into Gruul’s lair with them and expect to down him on the first go. Can’t I?

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